An article about Will My Spouse and Dependent Children Be Covered Under Medicare.

As we can see, that medicare insurance plan is an individual insurance plan not a family insurance plan. So it is quite abnormal that a spouse or child will be covered under medicare. If your spouse and children are totally dependent on you but still there is no option to get coverage like other insurance plans. If your spouse is eligible for the plan then he/she can enroll themselves individually. We all know about the eligibility of the medicare plan. If someone is eligible for the plan then he should enroll themselves for their situations.  Medicare plans don’t cover children, even if the children are minors. 

If your spouse is dependent how can he/she get the advantage of the medicare plan?

Will My Spouse and Dependent Children Be Covered Under Medicare

If you are a retired person and your age is 65 then you can enroll yourself for medicare automatically through employer-sponsored health insurance. But however your spouse is dependent on your employer-sponsored health insurance, still don’t get any advantage of Medicare until and unless she gets 65. For example, if your spouse is 60 and loses her health insurance plan because of your retirement then she needs to wait 5 years to get Medicare health care insurance for herself. For those 5 years, she can apply for an individual plan from any other private insurance company or health brokers like eHealth and others. She can also apply for health insurance from Medicaid who provides health insurance to the low budget person, under-aged people, and children. 

Medicare plan  for children

Children are generally not eligible for the Medicare plan until they have a disability. There is a legal time period which is 2 years that you should wait for any disabled persons at any age. If your child is born with disabilities then he has to wait until his 2years birthday to get Medicare. If your child is suffering from end-stage renal disease or Lou Gehrig’s disease then you don’t need to wait for Medicare. If your child has no disability still he enjoys health insurance. There are a lot of Children’s Health Insurance Programs that provide medical insurance if they qualify for the criteria. 

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