Premium for medicare part B is the monthly installment procedure where you can enjoy the full facilities of part B by the monthly fees. Medicare part B provided those facilities which can’t be covered by the part A that is ambulance services, lab work, and doctor visit. Those outpatient services are covered by medicare part B. This monthly fee of premium Medicare part B depends on your gross income of two years back. As an example, if you want a premium facility in 2021 you have to submit your gross income of the year 2019.

Late enrollment penalty

Premium for Medicare Part B

If you don’t subscribe or delay the subscription procedure of medicare part B when you first eligible for it, you have to pay a late enrollment penalty after you want to sign up. Besides that, if you don’t  want to pay this penalty you have to wait until the General enrollment period arrives which is January 1 to March 31 every year. 

When you have to pay the penalty your monthly premium may increase 10% of the standard premium for each 12 months in which you are eligible but don’t enroll for the plan. You have to pay this until you have eligibility for enrollment in the general period. 

As an example, if you are 2 years late to enroll yourself at part B you have to pay 20% extra monthly fees of the standard premium plan.   

Medicare premiums based on income 

If you are  part of the Railroad Retirement Board or the Social Security Administration (SSA) there is clear information about your part B premium. Your premium may vary based on your monthly or gross income. If your income is above a  certain level as per government rules you have to pay more about this.  If your income is in higher categories based on the year 2019 tax report of the government then you may pay more than the standard premium plan. The Social Security administration may pay attention to your income tax return from the past two years to determine your standard premium plan cost.  To get the complete information please have a look at the given chat below.

Factors that may affect Your Medicare part B premium 

The standard premium part B cost is $148.50 in this year 2021. According to the federal government most of the people pay less than the normal standard premium plan each year which is a criminal offense. If your income is higher by the government rules, you have to pay more in premium. 

If you’re delayed to enroll yourself in the medicare part B plan, then you have to pay a late enrollment penalty with standard premium fees. 

The standard premium may apply to you if you receive both Medicare and Medicaid benefits, but your state pays the Medicare Part B premium if you qualify for that. 

Medicare part B cost for 2021

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