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Our goal is to get the person the most amount of insurance with little or no money out of pocket, to educate people whenever there are changes to Medicare

How We Help You

My services are free. I take the guess work out of Medicare and make it as easy and as seamless as possible. I explain each Part of Medicare and what each Part covers. You will be able to choose the plan that best fits you with confidence.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Includes Hospital, Medical and sometimes Prescription Coverage

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Covers cost Gaps if you have original Medicare Part A and Part B

Medicare Part D

A Standalone Prescription Drug Plan

We Suggest the best Medicare plans

If a person makes a certain amount of money each month and they are on Medicare we educate them about other programs the Government has so the person can take advantage of these programs. Like…


Is a Plan by the state that helps pay for Medical bills…. https://medicaid.utah.gov/upp/how-to-apply/

If a person is on Medicaid and Medicare we educate them by letting them know they can have additional health insurance with no money out of pocket.

LIS (Low Income Subsidy)

Is a plan available to people to help pay for their prescription drugs…. https://www.ssa.gov/benefits/medicare/prescriptionhelp/

Medicare Insurance

  • I help people turning 65 yrs old with getting enrolled in Medicare
  • I explain all four parts of Medicare,
  • What is covered by Medicare, and what isn’t covered by Medicare,
  • What each Plan pays for, ie. (Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D)
  • I educate people with all the “gaps” of Medicare. Another words what the risk would be if the person decides to stay on orriginal Medicare only.
  • What changes or added Benifits Medicare has each year.
  • Visit https://secure.ssa.gov/iClaim/rib for more details

Medicare Advantages

  • We educate people on what Medicare Advantages are and whay these plans cover.
  • Some Medicare Advantage plans come with extra benefits like vision, dental, and hearing etc.
  • Most Medicare Advantage plans comes with Part D, (Prescription Drug coverage)

Hospital Indemnity Plans

  • These are Plans that help pay for hospital stays if someone spends time in the hospital.

Part D (Prescription Drug Plans)

  • I explain Part D and what insurance carriers have Part D coverage
  • I go over the persons Prescription they are taking and see what Part D plan covers their prescription and what the costs will be for each Part D plan.

Short Term Plans

  • These are Plans that cover the costs of a nurse, physical therapist, etc.
  • These are costs that Medicare stops paying for.
  • Short Term Plans pay all the costs accumilated while being at home recovering or they are at a nursing facility.

Dental Insurance Plans

  • These are Plans that cover procedures Dentists perform to a clients teeth.

Life Insurance Plans

  • These are Plans that cover a person when they die.
  • When a person dies their loved one can use to help pay for the viewing, funeral, pay bills so the spouse or loved one doesn’t have to worry how all the bills will be paid.

Under 65 Health Insurance

  • I help people create an account and set them and their family up with the highest tax credit so they can get the lowest premium possible.  www.healthcare.gov
  •  Tax credit means…. The lower the yearly net income someone makes the higher the tax credit they will get from the federal government. The tax credit goes towards the actual premium.
    Example: Tax premium is… $685
    Total Premium for health insurance is… $1,200
    Take 1,200 – (minus) 385 = 515.00
    Total Health Premium = $515.00 per month.

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