Medicare Part C: Medicare Advantages

Medicare part C is popularly known as Medicare Advantage. It is an additional insurance choice for those who are eligible for Medicare. These insurance plans are mainly offered by private insurance companies. In original medicare, you can only get part A ( hospital services ) and part B ( Doctor and medical services ). But Medicare part C, not only offers part A and part B they also include additional health benefits like dental, vision, prescription drugs, and many others. Plans may vary depending on the cost and benefits which they offer. Before choosing the plan, you need to compare the plans. That’s how you can choose the best one as per your needs. 

Overview Of Medicare advantages:- 

There are four basic parts of Medicare which include Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D. Part A and B combination called original Medicare. Part A is a coverage of hospital and inpatient care. Part B is coverage of medical and outpatient care like doctor’s visits and medical equipment costs. 

Part C is a combination of Part A and B with some additional items and services like dental and vision care by private insurance companies. Part D is prescription drug coverage. You can choose a Medicare Advantage plan which includes this facility from the beginning. 

Types of medicare advantages:-

There are different types of medicare advantages which is mentioned below:-

  1. Health Maintenance Organization or HMO plans give someone access to doctors and hospitals within their networks and also require a referral from specialists. 
  2. Preferred Provider Organization or PPO plans provided medical facilities to their subscribed clients at a low rate.
  3. Private Fee-for-Service or (PFFS) plans are special payment plans that offer client flexibility. 
  4. Special Needs Plans or (SNPs) help with long-term medical costs for a chronic medical condition
  5. Medical Savings Account or ( MSA ) is a personal savings account where one can use the money only for medical issues. 

Before choosing one of these plans you have to make sure that your doctor is in the network. 

What you Get From medicare part C:-

As we all came to know that Part C is the combined benefits of Part A and B with some additional services. Services are mentioned below:- 

  • dental care
  • vision care
  • hearing care
  • prescription drugs
  • SilverSneakers membership or gym memberships
  • transportation to doctor’s appointments
  • home meal delivery after an inpatient stay 

Medicare Part C Plans And Charges:-

There are different costs of plans in the medicare advance part and the method of submitting them is also different. Some plans charge on a monthly basis and some of them have an annual deduction. Some plans have 0 premium 0 deduction and others have some charge to pay from your pocket. Clients should also have knowledge about copayment(a fixed amount that is provided by you before taking any service from the provider). or coinsurance(a percentage of your treatment cost that you should pay after deduction) before taking the services. 

Although the cost and the services vary from plan to plan. You should compare the plans very carefully that fit nicely in your budget and meet your needs also. 

Enrolling Criteria in Medicare Part C:-

There are three particular times in a year when someone enrolls themselves in medicare part c.

First, when you are in the initial enrollment period you are perfectly eligible for medicare. This enrollment period begins 3months before you turn 65, the birth month, and after 3 months of your birth month. For those 7 months, you can easily enroll your name for Medicare plan C. 

Second, you have an opportunity to enroll yourself during the fall open enrollment period (OEP) which starts from 15 Oct to 7 Dec. In this period you can simply change your plan from the original medicare to medicare advantage plan. You can also upgrade your plan. 

Third, you can make changes in your plan during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period which runs from January 1 to March 31 every year. At this time you can upgrade your plan but not switch from the original medicare to the medicare advantage plan.