Medicare part B is a medical insurance plan that provides tests, home health services, durable medical equipment, and other outpatient care and medical services which are not covered by Medicare part A. It is a part of original Medicare along with Medicare part A coverage. There are lots of out-of-pocket costs charged with this plan like annual premium, a deductible, copayments, and coinsurance. You can subscribe to their monthly premium system that will help you a lot. 

What does Medicare Part B cover?

Medicare part B is a part of the original plan along with medicare A facilities. It offers necessary medical services. There are 2 types of services provided by the provider. 

Medically necessary services:  In these services, they provided all the services that help to diagnose and treat the medical conditions.  

Preventive services: it also helps to detect lots of diseases like flu, hepatitis, and HIV which can be curable in their early stages.  

some examples of medically necessary services covered by Medicare  Part B are:

  • Emergency ambulance services 
  • Doctor visits
  • durable medical equipment like walkers, wheelchairs, and oxygen stuff.
  • Emergency room services
  • kidney dialysis
  • laboratory testing, such as blood, stool test, and urinalysis
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Occupational therapy.
  • outpatient hospital and mental health care 
  • another testing, such as echocardiograms and imaging tests. 
  • transplants
  • Other physical therapy

Part B also covers some preventative services like:

  • bone density measurements
  • Depression screening
  • cancer screenings like those for breast, prostate, and colonic cancers. 
  • diabetes screenings
  • cardiovascular disease screenings
  • Alcohol abuse screening if you needed for. 
  • screenings for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) screening
  • vaccinations for flu, hepatitis B, and pneumonia also. 

What services are not covered by Medicare Part B?

There are lots of services available which are not included in this plan. If you really want those services you have to pay from your own pocket. Coverage of Medicare part A like hospital meals, hospital rooms is not covered in this part. So below is the list of missing services in part B medical insurance.

  • Routine physical examinations.
  • Most of the prescribed drugs you can take home as per outpatient rules. 
  • Bathing, dressings of the hospital are not included in it.
  • Routine dental care including dentures
  • 24 hour home health care. 
  • Routine vision care, including contact lenses. And eyeglasses. 
  • Routine hearing care.
  • long term care in a nursing home
  • Cosmetic or plastic surgery 
  • alternative health services like massage and  acupuncture 

As you can see that medicare part B does not cover 100% of the medical facilities. If you want to get prescribed drugs as the coverage you can simply subscribe to Medicare part D. These plans are given by private insurance companies.  

Medicare part C is the combination of both A and B parts including those services which are not covered by part B. Besides original Medicare, it also offers extra services like vision, dental, and fitness programs. If you really want to need additional facilities with the original combo, you can simply purchase medicare plan C. 

Do I Need to enroll in Medicare Part B?

Sometimes you have a thought that if you have an employee medical coverage or union-based health insurance plan, are you able to sign up for medicare part B or not?

Below is the perfect explanation for your doubt.

When you have other health insurance like union-based health insurance plans or employee medical coverage then you can delay your Medicare part B enrollment. When the other insurance plan ends you can sign up for part B. If you are delayed for the plan and you are not eligible for it then you have to pay a late enrollment penalty. 

There are some advantages to signing up for medicare part B like if you want to buy a medical Advantage plan or Medicare supplement insurance plan. Then you have to require the enrollment of the medicare part A and B.

If you have a subscription to original medicare and you want to be a part of medicare part D(prescription drug plan) then you have enrolled yourself in part A or B. 

If you want Original Medicare benefits through the Medicare Advantage plan then you have to subscribe to the premium version of Medicare part B. Premium versions of Medicare also need to be paid but it is so nominal that anyone can effort this. 

So these are the information about Medicare Part B – Medical Insurance.