Want to knwo Medicare and LASIK Eye Surgery ? Let us imform. LASIK is an eye surgery that helps to correct our vision issues such as nearsightedness,astigmatism and farsightedness. It is a part of out-patient services. LASIK is an elective procedure that’s why this charge is not covered by the original Medicare plan. But if you have a subscription to a Medicare advantage plan then you get some benefit regarding this. 

Original Medicare that is Medicare part A and B doesn’t cover vision care. As it is not categorized as a medical emergency and it is considered as an elective procedure so that there is no question about claiming the money from medicare. 

Medicare and LASIK Eye Surgery

If you have a subscription to the medigap plan still you don’t get any charge from Medicare as you know that medigap is a Medicare approved plan. 

Only Medicare advantage plans can give an opportunity of vision care. If you have Medicare part C then you have a chance to get your LASIK cost. But the charge may vary from plan to plan and there are also some providers who don’t have this opportunity. So before choosing the plan check their documents carefully. 

steps for getting coverage?

If you want to LASIK coverage then you should follow the below steps. 

  • Talk to your doctor first.  They probably have patients in Medicare who had LASIK surgery.  If they have, then he may be able to join these Medicare C plans that provide your surgery cost. 
  • You can contact your local Medicare State Health Insurance company to get information about plans in your area. 
  • If you want to switch from original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan that covers LASIK, you may enroll during open enrollment, which runs annually from October 15 to December 7. During this time you can also switch from one Part C plan to another.
  •  You can also change your plan during the annual Medicare Advantage open enrollment period, which is  from January 1 to March 31.
  • If you have original Medicare or a Medicare Part C plan that doesn’t cover LASIK, you can use Medicare’s plan finder tool to compare plans as per your choice.