If tor teeth are damaged or missing then your dentist recommended to you a dental implantation for replacement. If you have a question that your Medicare plan can give your dental implants coverage or not. Here is a perfect explanation about this. 

If you have a subscription of original Medicare that is Medicare part A and B then they don’t cover any kind of dental care. So that they don’t give any compensation for dental implants.  

If you have a Medicare advantage plan then they provide routine dental care which is oral exams, cleanings, extractions,fillings and implants that helps you. But not every medicare advantage plan can help you doing your dental implants so that before enrolling yourself for medicare part C you need to clear all your doubts by reading their document. Besides everything you would still pay your monthly premium of your existing plan. To know about the service’s existence then enter your zip code in the website and check  the services that you need. 

If you only need dental implantation without any other services then you can enroll yourself for Medicare dental coverage which is provided by private insurance companies. They will cover dental implant costs. It is an additional part of the Medicare advantage plan which does not provide all the service providers. So before choosing the right plan for you, check out and compare all the plan related documents carefully otherwise it will regret you later when you don’t have any option to change your plan. 

You can also customize your Medicare plan for dental implant but then you should give an application to the insurance company and they will contact you further about this matter. 

If you want to know more about this you can check out a website that will not disappoint you for sure.