Moving to Another State or If I need to change my home ground then how does my Medicare work ? Lot of people face this problem when they move to other states without knowing the facts about Medicare plans. If you are one of them to make this type of mistake. Here I will explain to you how you overcome this. 

If you change your state it is obvious that the plan will be changed also. The changes depend on which types of coverage you are in. Some cases you don’t need to do anything to change the plan but sometimes you need to. There are some special offers running in every state so that the plan can be changed. 

If I have Original Medicare and am moving to another state ?

Moving to Another State

If you are in original Medicare which is medicare part A and B  then you don’t need to take any tension about it because Medicare part A and B remains the same throughout the country that is provided by the federal govt. If you face a problem finding a doctor in your new place you can contact us. 

On our website you will get a complete list of doctors according to your choices. They all are Medicare approved doctors so you don’t need to pay any extra charges. If any doctor doesn’t accept an assignment then you need to pay coinsurance and copayment for sure. If you are moving to another state you can confirm to social security they will provide you complete guidelines. Then you can do following things like:- 

  • You can Visit the Social Security website to update your current information online. If you have a My Social Security account then you can log in your account to update your current address.
  • Call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY users, dial 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday, from 7AM to 7PM.
  • If you are working in the railroad then you can update your information through the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) or speak with their representative. 
  • Visit your local Social Security office to update your current information. 

If I have a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan and am moving to another state

Sometimes if you have a medicare supplements plan and you change your current location and move out other places then it is converted into original Medicare by default. After changing your state you can switch or change your plan in your new area. But in this type of chawa you may have to pay a healthy amount of premium. 

If you have a Medicare select plan which is part of medigap then you have to face guaranteed-issue to enroll. Which is mentioned below

  • Enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan from your Medigap insurance company that will provide you the same or less coverage than your current Medicare SELECT plan. 
  • If you stay on your Medicare SELECT plan for less than six months, you may require medical Liability. 
  • Enroll in any Medigap Plan which is A, B, C, F, K, or L that you can get in your local area. 

If I have a Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and am moving to another state

You have a Medicare advantage plan (Medicare part C) and prescription drug plan (Medicare part D) and you shift into a new area then you have to enroll yourself because it is provided by the private insurance companies. Sometimes  the companies provided the same old services but sometimes the plans had some changes.  In this case get opportunities to enroll yourself during a special enrollment period. The conditions are

  • If You are moving out of your current Medicare plan’s service area.
  • If You are moving to a new location that’s still in your Medicare plan’s service area but there are some extra facilities that confuse you. 

In both of the cases you are able to enroll yourself during the special enrollment period. In this time you can switch ,choose or refuse a plan. If you notify early about your moving then the insurance company will give you an extra 2 months validity to enroll your name. Otherwise you will pay a late enrollment penalty for sure. 

If your service area does not provide any kind of Medicare advantage plan then you have to return original Medicare or you can choose any medigap plans.