If you need to consult with a Medicare cover dermatology and you are confused about which part of medicare covers that service then this will guide you a lot. The original Medicare does not cover these types of facilities. Sometimes Medicare advantage plans provide some dermatology services and cosmetic services but not all of them have these services. You can take the information from the service holder before sign-in that they have a Medicare dermatologist or not. 

Coverage under Medicare?

Dermatology coverage mainly under the Medicare part B which is medical and doctor services. But Medicare part B doesn’t cover the overall package of the therapy. You should still post your out-of-pocket cost like deductible and copayments. While body skin check-up is not covered under these services. If you have a serious injury or illness then it is covered by the services. If you are suffering from Skin cancer then providers give some special benefits. 

Coverage during Medicare advantage

Medicare part c additionally covers the Dermatology services like checkup and medicines. You can check their documents before their subscription and make sure that they have a Medicare approved dermatologist, otherwise you would pay extra money for your treatment. 

To know about the expect you can simply check their website or use Medicare.gov’s physician finder tool to search expert dermatologists. Procedure before connect with the plan you should follow

  • Use the links below and call the provided number or you can get an email from the service provider. 
  • Explore plans of your choice and use the Compare Plans button to compare the available plans.