Michael Bunata’s Story

Michael Bunata, is a Licensed Insurance Agent in Utah, has always had a passion for helping people. Whether Michael becomes your agent or not he will always go over and beyond to help you with your insurance needs. Michael does not charge for his services’ and it’s FREE for him to meet with you.

Michael Bunata started in the insurance industry in 2015 selling Senior Health Insurance products (Medicare), in Utah. He even helps people who are under 65 who are not on Medicare. Most people who are not on Medicare know it best as Obama Care, ACA, and/or healthcare.gov.

Michael Bunata’s goal is to make sure the person receives the most amount of health insurance with little or no money out of pocket.

Michael Bunata is one of few Insurance Agents in Utah who takes the time to help someone in need. As you may or may not know the health insurance industry changes every year, especially Medicare. It seems like the government makes it more and more challenging for anyone to enroll in Medicare. Medicare can seem incredibly challenging and makes most people feel intimidated when trying to enroll.

To say the least Michael takes the “bull by the horns,” approach. He helps you create a Social Security account and once your account is created Michael then takes you through the process of getting you enrolled in Medicare.

For those who are under 65 and not on Medicare, Michael will do everything possible to get you insured. Michael will find a way to get you or a family health insurance with the most amount of insurance coverage and the lowest out-of-pocket premium possible.

This is just an example of what Michael does for his clients and anyone who needs help. Please take the time to read the positive reviews Michael has received from his clients and read about their experiences.