Want to know 5-Star Special Election Period? then you are in the right place. When you start choosing the best medicare advantage plan and prescription drug plan for you, you become confused because there are a lot of options. To get rid of it, comparing each other is the best solution. You can compare this between member satisfaction, preventive care, and customer service factors for sure. Then you may need this kind of star system that clearly helps to make your decision. Let’s find out what medicare star rating is. 

What is a medicare star rating?

Medicare star rating is a pattern that helps to compare the plans’ basis of their services. The customer gets a clear picture of their upcoming services which are rated by other customers. 

1 to 5 stars are available in medicare infrastructure. 5 indicates the best service and 1 indicates the worst in terms of customer opinion. This is the same as both this medicare advantage plan and the prescription drug plan.  

Medicare have their own rules to give 5 stars for some specific reasons to medicare advantage plan, The reasons are  

  • How their tests, vaccines, and screening service are working with the customers. 
  • How the service provided manages chronic cases. 
  • How they behave with their customers. Taking care of the customer may affect their rating. 
  • Complaint report, absence of service report may affect their rating. How many customers are leaving their services every year also plays a huge role in it. 
  • Plan prices, plan quality is also responsible for the ratings

The reason behind the ratings of medicare plan D(prescription drug plan)

  • How many customers leave their plan every year
  • Customer services of the plan
  • How many complaints enlisted for the services 
  • The experience during the drug plan 
  • Price of the drugs. 

Above this condition may rate the services into stars. The 5-star services are a special symbol like the yellow triangle with white stars and the number 5 that recognizes the royal services. 

Medicare rate their services from different resources like,

  • Lab data
  • Health survey
  • Tracking the complaints
  • Tracking the appeals
  • Pharmacy data of the customer. 

When the medicare plans like medicare advantage plan Medicare prescription drug plan starts introducing yourself to the market then this type of rating which is given by your own medicare can help you to make a decision. 

How to use star rating?

The best way to find out the plan for you, you can visit the websites and the plan finder tools by your ZIP code. You can compare the available plans and see their ratings over there. The number of the stars meaning are mentioned below:- 

  • 5 stars:- excellent
  • 4 stats:- very good
  • 3 stars:- good
  • 2 stars:- average
  • 1 star:- poor

A 5-star plan can give you a peaceful life but there are also some factors that affect the rating like cost and coverage of the plan. 

What is the 5-star special enrollment period?

Medicare gives a special time opportunity to enroll for those who want to enroll themselves in the 5-star plan. The time period is between November 30 to December 8 every year. In this time period, you can enroll or switch yourself only to a 5-star plan. 

To enroll yourself for a medicare advantage plan or medicare part D plan may have a special time period which is from October 15 to December 7.

There are some plans which have fake ratings like 3 stats. If you enroll yourself in the plan by mistake medicare will notify you. 


Medicare star ratings can help you to choose a suitable plan for you. Before enrolling in any Medicare plan you need to compare the ratings. Medicare shows its upcoming plan’s rating in October on its official website. Before sign-up check it out.